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I did like him after all.

Just a lil' SasuTy oneshot that came to mind. XD
Maybe a lil' fic gift for hoppingbunny365, since her fave Tyren pairing is SasuTy!
I know it's short and makes no sense, but I couldn't help it. I'm in a SasuTy mood. XD

-Tyren's P.O.V-

I look up at the dark starry sky as I lay down on the tall green grass.
I turn my head and see a dark figure coming by me.
Looking up at him and recognizing him, "Uchiha..."
"Koyuki..." he says.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I could ask you the same thing," he says.
"What I do is none of your business," I replied flatly.
"Are you looking up at the stars?" he asked, "wondering when your wish of some sort will come true?"
"Are you mocking me, Uchiha?" I ask angrily.
"I don't know, am I Koyuki?" he asks somewhat mockingly.
"You're unbelievable," I say, "are all Uchihas bakas like you?"
"Don't push it Koyuki," he said angrily.
"Oh my... Did I just upset the oh-so-great-Uchiha-baka?" I asked jokingly.
He then came closer to me.
"W-what do you think you're do-" I was caught off guard by sudden lips on mine, blushing with a tad of red.
"Heh... Always works..." he says.
I look at him angrily and yell out at him, "You think this is some sort of joke?"
He looked at me, "Not a joke..."
I stared at him for a moment and replied, "How so?"
"It was just reality," he said flatly.
"Reality?," I asked, "Reality of what? Of you being oh-so-loved-by-every-girl-who-has-ever-come-across-you?"
"It's not as if you're any different," he replied, "obviously you do have a few feelings for this so-called-Uchiha-baka-you-refer-to-as-me."
"And what brought you to that conclusion?" I asked curiously.
"Your actions obviously," he said.
"Baka, I need the reason," I told him, "the 'defined' reason."
"You're smart enough to figure it out," he said.
"No hints?" I asked.
"No hints..." he said.
"You're no fun Sasuke!" I complained.
"No fun?," he asked mockingly, "You sure?"
I nodded, "Unless you show me a good time."
"As you wish Tyren," he said as he came closer to me and pressed his lips against mine once more.
I blushed and returned the kiss.

"I guess he was right,
I did like him after all."
Just Read The Crappy Fic! XD
hoppingbunny365 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
Awww! Thanks! I love it~!
BrickercupMasterX3 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
Thanks! ^^ Your welcome, glad you do.
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