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Mostly PPG! :3


That amour fanart from that one AU, Also turkeys.
Mon Nov 6, 2017, 7:59 PM
Fri Jul 28, 2017, 1:24 PM
Love your draws
Sat Jul 22, 2017, 5:33 PM
oooooooooo you're offically being haunted by me!~
Tue Jul 18, 2017, 10:51 PM
The couples are very cute (the drawings) including brickercup❤️☺️
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 9:23 AM
Love your drawings☺️
Wed Dec 9, 2015, 10:20 AM
BrickercupMasterX3 Im new and I already like all the couples you like
Sat Apr 25, 2015, 8:00 PM
Sat Apr 25, 2015, 7:59 PM
Somebody onDA is acting like a brat and is starting to make me want to unwatch her
Sat Apr 18, 2015, 7:23 AM
Yes! XD Turkeys FTW~
Sun Feb 22, 2015, 9:46 PM



You know... People really shouldn't take the whole Duncney thing so seriously... :facepalm: They're both ficitional characters, you know? It's NOT real life... So stop trying to use my own opinion against me. Yes, Duncan is abusive (verbally), a total jerk, cheater, manipulative liar and all that crap... but for god's sake, he's only fictional! This crap doesn't apply to real life!

If you're in a real-life relationship including a person with that screwed up of a personality/life, then you must leave them straight away. Obviously they don't deserve you for crap.

As for my opinion on this damn ship:

Duncney's relationship is freakin' toxic and annoying as freakin' hell! I hate it so damn much! But at the same time I love it, because they're both extremely screwed up that I can't see them last much with anyone else. They have the most unhealthy relationship ever, but they always go back to each other. That there, is a fact. I wouldn't be surprised if they got back together again.

However, I really don't want them together again. :no: Duncan doesn't deserve anyone and Courtney doesn't either... Not until the both of them finally get their act together. Neither is completely innocent with all the break-ups. They've both had their faults. Leave it at that!

I will continue to love/hate them. That's that.

(Besides, I don't see anyone complain about AleHeather around here. If money is involved, they get violent with each other. Yet, without money involved, they make-out/kiss freely. It may not be as unhealthy as Duncney, but their relationship isn't healthy either. :facepalm:)
If you have a problem with my art, then don't start off by calling me an idiot. It's rude and disrespectful.

If you want to criticize my art, you can, I have no problem with it. Tell me how to improve, that's perfectly fine. But do NOT under any circumstances call me an idiot, just because I added highlights to the hair of characters who are flat colored. It's my style, you can dislike it all you want. Just criticize fairly without making me feel terrible about myself. If you decide to continue to insult me, I'll block you straight away. Immature of me? Perhaps, but it's better than dealing with all your disrespectful crap.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get ready to meet up with a friend.

Have a good day.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Plan to draw some more EQG stuff tomorrow, if time allows. :3 Any ships you want to see more of? 

9 deviants said SunAria (Most fave OTP ever! :love:)
9 deviants said FlashShimmer
7 deviants said TimberShy (3rd fave OTP)
5 deviants said SciFlash (2nd fave OTP)
4 deviants said FlutterMac
4 deviants said SunDagio
2 deviants said Other? (as long as I ship it, I'll consider it, but the options are my most current )
1 deviant said DagiJack
No deviants said TwiDaisy
No deviants said SonTrix (Sonata/Trixie-Not sure what their ship name is tbh.)
I'm kinda bored and found this meme around... Sweating a little... So won't ya send a ship and pick a section? XD
((I'm only accepting one section/pairing per comment. If you want me to answer them all for the same couple, it's fine. But I'm only answering one section per comment/reply. To answer everything in one comment would be much too tiring.))

For ships you're unaware if I ship, you can always ask. However, I won't answer for disliked ships/NOTPs.

Meaning you cannot ask about Naruto/Hinata, Sky/Bloom (worst ship ever), Blossom/Brick, Buttercup/Butch, Ino/Sai, Riven/Musa, Gray/Lucy, Gajeel/Levy, Natsu/Juvia, Silver/Blaze, Sonic/Amy, Starlight/Sunset (worst EQG couple to ever exist, I swear), Big Mac/anyone (that's not Fluttershy), Timber/Twilight, etc.


  1. Who is more likely to raise their voice?
  2. Who threatens to leave but never actually does?
  3. Who actually keeps their word and leaves?
  4. Who trashes the house?
  5. Do either of them get physical?
  6. How often do they argue/disagree?
  7. Who is the first to apologize?

Sex: (Only Accepting OTPs for this.)

  1. Who is on top?
  2. Who is on the bottom?
  3. Who has the strangest desires?
  4. Any kinks? (Not doing this one, because I really do not want to get into this. Sweating a little...)
  5. Who’s dominant in bed?
  6. Is head ever in the equation?
  7. If so, who is better at performing it?
  8. Ever had sex in public?
  9. Who moans the most?
  10. Who leaves the most marks?
  11. Who screams the loudest?
  12. Who is the more experienced of the two?
  13. Do they ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’?
  14. Rough or soft?
  15. How long do they usually last?
  16. Is protection used?
  17. Does it ever get boring?
  18. Where is the strangest place they’d have sex? 


  1. Do they plan on having children/or have children?
  2. If so, how many children do they want/have?
  3. Who is the favorite parent?
  4. Who is the authoritative parent?
  5. Who is more likely to allow the children to have a day off school?
  6. Who lets the children indulge in sweets and junk food when the other isn’t around?
  7. Who turns up to extra curricular activities to support their children?
  8. Who goes to parent teacher interviews?
  9. Who changes the diapers?
  10. Who gets up in the middle of the night to feed the baby?
  11. Who spends the most time with the children?
  12. Who packs their lunch boxes?
  13. Who gives their children ‘the talk’?
  14. Who cleans up after the kids?
  15. Who worries the most?
  16. Who are the children more likely to learn their first swear word from?


  1. Who likes to cuddle?
  2. Who is the little spoon?
  3. Who gets naughty in the most inappropriate of places?
  4. Who struggles to keep their hands to themselves?  
  5. How long can they cuddle until one becomes uncomfortable?
  6. Who gives the most kisses?
  7. What is their favorite non-sexual activity?
  8. Where is their favorite place to cuddle?
  9. Who is more likely to playfully grope the other? 
  10. How often do they get time to themselves?


  1. Who snores?
  2. If both do, who snores the loudest?
  3. Do they share a bed or sleep separately?
  4. If they sleep together, do they cozy up together or lay far apart?
  5. Who talks in their sleep?
  6. What do they wear to bed?
  7. Are either of them insomniacs?
  8. Can sleeping pills be found by the bedside?
  9. Do they wrap their limbs around each other or just lay side by side?
  10. Who wakes up with bed hair?
  11. Who wakes up first?
  12. Who prepares breakfast in bed for the other?
  13. What is their favourite sleeping position?
  14. Who hogs the sheets?
  15. Do they set an alarm each night?
  16. Can a television be found in their bedroom?
  17. Who has nightmares?
  18. Who has ridiculous dreams?
  19. Who sprawls out and takes up most of the bed? 
  20. Who makes the bed? 
  21. What time is bed time? 
  22. Any routines/rituals before bed?
  23. Who’s the grumpiest when they wake up? 


  1. Who is the busiest?
  2. Who rakes in the highest income?
  3. Are any of them unemployed?
  4. Who takes the most sick days?
  5. Who is more likely to turn up late to work?
  6. Who sucks up to their boss?
  7. What are their jobs?
  8. Who stresses the most?
  9. Do they enjoy or despise their careers/occupations?
  10. Are they financially stable? 


  1. Who does the washing?
  2. Who takes out the trash?
  3. Who does the ironing?
  4. Who does the cooking?
  5. Who is more likely to burn the house down just trying?
  6. Who is messier? 
  7. Who leaves the toilet roll empty?
  8. Who leaves their dirty clothes on the floor?
  9. Who forgets to flush the toilet?
  10. Who is the prankster around the house?
  11. Who loses the car keys when it comes time to go somewhere?
  12. Who mows the lawn?
  13. Who answers the telephone?
  14. Who does the vacuuming?
  15. Who does the groceries?
  16. Who takes the longest to shower?
  17. Who spends the most time in the bathroom?


  1. Is money a problem?
  2. How many cars do they own?
  3. Do they own their home or do they rent?
  4. Do they live near the coast or deep in the countryside?
  5. Do they live in the city or in the country? 
  6. Do they enjoy their surroundings?
  7. What’s their song?
  8. What do they do when they’re away from each other?
  9. Where did they first meet?
  10. How did they first meet?
  11. Who spends the most money when out shopping?
  12. Who’s more likely to flash their assets?
  13. Who finds it amusing when the other trips over?
  14. Any mental issues?
  15. Who’s terrified of bugs?
  16. Who kills the spiders around the house?
  17. Their favourite place?
  18. Who pays the bills?
  19. Do they have any fears for their future?
  20. Who’s more likely to surprise the other with a fancy dinner?
  21. Who uses up all of the hot water? 
  22. Who’s the tallest?
  23. Who’s more likely to just randomly hop into the shower with the other?
  24. Who wanders around in their underwear?
  25. Who sings the loudest when singing along to the radio?
  26. What do they tease each other about?
  27. Who is more likely to cringe at the other’s fashion sense at times?
  28. Do they have mutual friends?
  29. Who crushed first? 
  30. Any alcohol or substance related problems?
  31. Who is more likely to stumble home, drunk, at 3am?
  32. Who swears the most?
  • Drinking: Water


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Hi I'm Paula! ^^

I'm a nice person, but if you're mean to me and bash me for my likes and dislikes... It won't be pretty.
Anyways... As you all know...
I'm Anti Color Code.
Please don't hate me just for that, it's not a good enough reason, ok?

That's all you can know about me for now. ;p
Ask me in my profile if you want to know more about me, as long as the question isn't too personal I can answer.

:thumb379480693: Yes, it IS possible to like both by PurfectPrincessGirl

dA Family/Besties/Groups

dA Family
:iconnami-oneesama: random, funny, fun Lil sis
:iconanxiousmofo89: the brother who sleeps in the dishwasher
:iconsweatshirtmaster: Crazy Boomubbles sister
:iconprincesscallyie: Crazy aunt
:iconmiss-fandom-chan: forever alone sister
:iconnabby1999: crazy bestie(or sister) who lives in my closet
:iconrocuevas: Lazy uncle
:iconarzaldaxemanks: funky sister
:iconmikotosakura: otaku/friki sister
:iconsonny122: My Brickercup (real) twin! (:heart: I love her so!)
:iconbrickxblossom2501: My most precious pet guinea pig! :love:
:iconppglover12642: My lil' sis. :D
:icondarth-brick: Brick loving twin sister~ :love:
:icontypical-animefan: BUTCH HATER TWIN!
:iconpurfectprincessgirl:- Cousin
:iconraymanlovessouthpark:- Ray Loving Sister
:iconfunnyfungirl:- Crazy Blossick fan
:iconblossomfannumerouno:- BlossDex sister
:iconhaddock-house:- Jack-Obsessed Sister
:iconbright-blueeyes:- Butchercup obsessed crazy RP sistah~
:iconcrazygirl011:- Crazy Shipping Sister
:icontrxshbin: stalker, Paulrick cray cray sister
:iconppgzmlpfimlover: Shipping Twinsie~ ;p
:iconaleksandae: color code disliking brother
:iconadvancearcy: Cousin
:iconsandwichthequeen: sis who's obsessed with Ariana Grande and Butchubbles
:iconjohnnyd2: Imageshipping loving cousin

**:iconthereal-redx:. "Awesome Pixel Loving Best Bud"**

My Besties: :heart: I love them so.
:iconkierracooper: (Irl best friend~ I love her so~ :heart:)
:iconprincesscallyie:- best friend in the whole wide world!~ :meow:

The Random Cupcakes Girls!~~ :heart:

:iconnami-oneesama::heart: LAUGHTER
:iconsweatshirtmaster::heart: LOYALTY
:iconbrickercupmasterx3: :heart: HONESTY

:bulletred: We are random
:bulletorange: We love to draw
:bulletyellow: We are the three girls likes to have fun!
:bulletblue: We care for people
:bulletpurple: We love, care, smile and laugh~



BrickercupMasterX3 has started a donation pool!
2,963 / 8,000
I'd really like to commission some great artists, and give points to friends in need. Please donate if you can! ^^

For commissions there are a few categories and prices.

I do single pictures, and small comics....

So Animes/Cartoons I draw:
PowerPuff Girls
Tokyo Mew Mew
Teen Titans

(Currently re-pricing everything.)

That's All...

Collabs/Trades: Friends Only/Ask (I might be generous to new comers if they have ideas I'm interested in.)
Requests: Closed Forever
Commissions: Open (Points only)

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