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Rainappe: Sleeping In :iconitanatsu-chan:itanatsu-chan 12 0
Mostly PPG! :3


You have been hugged! (That's a big deal lol I only hug once or twice a year so yay)
Fri Feb 9, 2018, 11:14 AM
Be sure to check out my content soon
Sat Jan 6, 2018, 7:02 AM
hey could you vote on my new poll?
Mon Dec 11, 2017, 7:27 AM
That amour fanart from that one AU, Also turkeys.
Mon Nov 6, 2017, 7:59 PM
Fri Jul 28, 2017, 1:24 PM
Love your draws
Sat Jul 22, 2017, 5:33 PM
oooooooooo you're offically being haunted by me!~
Tue Jul 18, 2017, 10:51 PM
The couples are very cute (the drawings) including brickercup❤️☺️
Fri Dec 11, 2015, 9:23 AM
Love your drawings☺️
Wed Dec 9, 2015, 10:20 AM
BrickercupMasterX3 Im new and I already like all the couples you like
Sat Apr 25, 2015, 8:00 PM



Sketching mood. I'll be working on them whenever time allows. (Answering these by tomorrow night. It's late here and all.)

Only accepting Pokemon ships at the moment. (I will work on earlier suggestions later, since they'd be flat colored rather than sketchy. Those, however, will not be reopened, so don't ask there.)

If you want to suggest something below, just make sure it's a Pokemon ship I support.

Pokemon Shipping Meme ((Final Update???)) by BrickercupMasterX3 (Check description of my shipping meme if in doubt.)
Warning: I am allowed to decline your suggestion, so don't get mad if you aren't picked.

For pose suggestion: Make sure it's simple. I'm not doing backgrounds or anything.

Slots: (May be reopened or have slots added on to them if I like ideas.)
1. PurfectPrincessGirl- Imageshipping cuddles~
2. Tuff--Rubies- Egoshipping flirtatiously arguing~
3. OceanFairie- Handymanshipping gushing over their unborn baby~
Happy Valentines Day everyone! :heart:

(I'm not dead. Lol. Just been busy with College, not to mention the internet connection is not the best. ^^; I hope that by the weekend it gets better so that I can start posting things. :meow:)
Valentine's Day Ship Trades Anyone? :3

I'll be doing 3 slots only, might re-open them if I can get them done early.
I'll be working on my part first, so please don't post your part until I get mine done and posted. That's my only rule!
((I am working on past trades I owe others though.))

--NOT ACCEPTING NOTPs or fandoms I know nothing about.--

Pokemon Ship Drawing Suggestions? :3 I really want to get back to drawing Pokemon stuff.

Lists of ships to pick from:


Misty x Gary
Daisy x Tracey
May x Paul
Soledad x Harley
Dawn x Drew
Zoey x Reggie
Ursula x Kenny
Iris x Trip
Bianca x Barry
Burgundy x Cilan
Serena x Alain
Bonnie x Max
Aria x Clemont
Korrina x Gladion
Miette x Conway
Jessie x James
Lillie x Ash
Mallow x Kiawe
Lucy x Brock

Loved Ships:

Misty x Tracey
Misty x Drew
May x Drew
Dawn x Kenny
Iris x Cilan
Serena x Drew
Aria x Alain
(Might be re-opened if I feel nice.)
Slots: (I'm actually making it 5 this time.)
1. Ash x Lillie - On The Beach Cuddling - MachoDionysus14
2. Gary x Misty - Flirty Gary - kTd1993
3. Cilan x Iris - Tree Climbing - ManleyTogekiss
4. Kiawe x Mallow - Beach Kiss - SpiritMiserably
5. Alain x Aria - Alain in glasses - RivalCrushAngel
Feel like drawing more SunAria (Sunset Shimmer x Aria Blaze) lately. :meow:

But since I can't come up with any new ideas for my lovely yuri ship, I'm up to listening to suggestions.
If your idea interests me enough, it will be drawn. :3 ((Love triangles allowed, but main focus will be SunAria.))

((CLOSED! :meow: Thanks for suggesting.)

1. Aria carrying Sunset bridal style
2. Sunset serenading Aria
3. SunAria in winter sweaters~



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Regarding my AU!Winx Story... Would you rather read each episode remake in parts or in its entirety? (Can't make any promises as to when they'll be done.) 

15 deviants said In parts please! (Personally, I would prefer this one. But whatever keeps you most interested, I'll do)
2 deviants said ((By the way, the episodes will keep their names in accordance to canon. Should I decide to change any for any reason, you'll be informed.))
1 deviant said I want to read it in its entirety, no matter how long it takes to have it written!
No deviants said ((I'll be going on a Winx Season 1 marathon for a while, watching non-stop. XD I'll still get stuff I owe people done, but if I'm not as active, I'm working on the first episode chapter of the AU.))
Just bored... and too lazy to draw anything at the moment...

So send me a character (canon or ocs (because I like working with my babies/creations, and it's been a while since I last developed/used them for anything. :love:) are accepted.) & I’ll tell you….

(Let me know which meme you want answered, by the way. I won't do both at the same time.
By the way, I'm only accepting one character per comment, you can ask about another after the first is answered.)

Meme A~

. Sexuality headcanon:

Gender headcanon: (I'm keeping them as is.)

Sad headcanons:

. Sappy headcanons:

. Cute headcanons:

. Dirty headcanons: (May or may not answer, depending on character.)

Romantic headcanons:

. Backstory headcanons:

. Random headcanons that I have for no apparent reason:


Meme B~

1. otp

2. brotp

3. notp

4. first headcanon that pops in my head

5. favorite line from this character

6. one way in which i relate to this character (Just a warning, if I hate the character, I will refuse to answer this. -_-)
  • Drinking: Water


BrickercupMasterX3's Profile Picture
United States
:icontplz::iconhplz::iconeplz: :iconbplz::iconrplz::iconiplz::iconcplz::iconkplz::iconeplz::iconrplz::iconcplz::iconu-plz: :iconp-plz:

:heart: :iconbrickercup: :heart:
Brickercup Fan Button by nena-linda-pink

Hi I'm Paula! ^^

I'm a nice person, but if you're mean to me and bash me for my likes and dislikes... It won't be pretty.
Anyways... As you all know...
I'm Anti Color Code.
Please don't hate me just for that, it's not a good enough reason, ok?

That's all you can know about me for now. ;p
Ask me in my profile if you want to know more about me, as long as the question isn't too personal I can answer.

:thumb379480693: Yes, it IS possible to like both by PurfectPrincessGirl

Pokemon Ships I Support~

:heart: Top 6 OTPs: :heart:

Former OTP (will always hold a special place in my heart.) :love:-


dA Family/Besties/Groups

dA Family
:iconnami-oneesama: random, funny, fun Lil sis
:iconjessedaanarchist: the brother who sleeps in the dishwasher
:iconsweatshirtmaster: Crazy Boomubbles sister
:iconprincesscallyie: Crazy aunt
:iconmiss-fandom-chan: forever alone sister
:iconnabby1999: crazy bestie(or sister) who lives in my closet
:iconrocuevas: Lazy uncle
:iconarzaldaxemanks: funky sister
:iconmikotosakura: otaku/friki sister
:iconsonny122: My Brickercup (real) twin! (:heart: I love her so!)
:iconbrickxblossom2501: My most precious pet guinea pig! :love:
:iconppglover12642: My lil' sis. :D
:icondarth-brick: Brick loving twin sister~ :love:
:icontypical-animefan: BUTCH HATER TWIN!
:iconpurfectprincessgirl:- Cousin
:iconraymanlovessouthpark:- Ray Loving Sister
:iconfunnyfungirl:- Crazy Blossick fan
:iconblossomfannumerouno:- BlossDex sister
:iconhaddock-house:- Jack-Obsessed Sister
:iconbright-blueeyes:- Butchercup obsessed crazy RP sistah~
:iconcrazygirl011:- Crazy Shipping Sister
:icontrxshbin: stalker, Paulrick cray cray sister
:iconppgzmlpfimlover: Shipping Twinsie~ ;p
:iconaleksandae: color code disliking brother
:iconadvancearcy: Cousin
:iconsandwichthequeen: sis who's obsessed with Ariana Grande and Butchubbles
:iconjohnnyd2: Imageshipping loving cousin

**:iconthereal-redx:. "Awesome Pixel Loving Best Bud"**

My Besties: :heart: I love them so.
:iconkierracooper: (Irl best friend~ I love her so~ :heart:)
:iconprincesscallyie:- best friend in the whole wide world!~ :meow:

The Random Cupcakes Girls!~~ :heart:

:iconnami-oneesama::heart: LAUGHTER
:iconsweatshirtmaster::heart: LOYALTY
:iconbrickercupmasterx3: :heart: HONESTY

:bulletred: We are random
:bulletorange: We love to draw
:bulletyellow: We are the three girls likes to have fun!
:bulletblue: We care for people
:bulletpurple: We love, care, smile and laugh~



BrickercupMasterX3 has started a donation pool!
3,557 / 8,000
I'd really like to commission some great artists, and give points to friends in need. Please donate if you can! ^^

For commissions there are a few categories and prices.

I do single pictures, and small comics....

So Animes/Cartoons I draw:
PowerPuff Girls
Tokyo Mew Mew
Teen Titans

(Currently re-pricing everything.)

That's All...

Collabs/Trades: Friends Only/Ask (I might be generous to new comers if they have ideas I'm interested in.)
Requests: Closed Forever
Commissions: Open (Points only)

You must be logged in to donate.


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Hello again friend. Forgive me for telling you this so soon, but I think you should draw a picture of the Winx in its Extrimiex transformation, which I invented for the new season of the animated series, the Winx Club. And here I will leave the links of the Extrimiex so that you can see them yourself:
Winx Club. Stella Extrimiex
Winx Club. Musa Extrimiex
Winx Club. Tecna Extrimiex
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Winx Club. Layla/Aisha Extrimiex
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